Ecocity Projects Limited conducted workshops on The Essentials of  Communication, Time Management and Developing Team Building. (Oct 11th– 15th and November 22-26, 2021) for the Central Bank of Nigeria at Kano  learning Centre.

Participants of this program were drawn from different departments within the  CBN, mainly consisting of Supervisors and Clerical staff, from different  locations, nationwide. The training consisted 0f 100 participants. 

The course was borne out of the fact that we as a country have different  backgrounds, beliefs and cultural differences. This diversity has become a barrier  for effective communication especially among the Nigerian workforce. In many  ways, basic communication skills are overlooked or simply replaced with  counterproductive gestures/languages, these often lead to unnecessary friction at  work between colleagues and in many instances, time meant for productive  endeavour is dedicated to conflict resolution and arbitration. 

This course was specially designed to address common errors in everyday  communication, while outlining the principles that lead to effective  communication, and in turn, improved productivity among the workforce of the  CBN. The importance of Time Management and team building was also included  into the course with a view to add productivity among the participants.

The course was classroom-based and highly interactive. Different training  material and games were distributed among the participants. The use of Kahoot®  was introduced to the participants and they found it quite interesting, while  reminding them of what they learnt in a fun way. PowerPoint slides were used  for illustration and study guides (Handouts) were issued to each of the  participants for further reference.  

At the end of the 5-day workshop, a post-course test was administered to ascertain  the level of effectiveness of the course and an impressive feedback was gotten  from the evaluation exercise showing a great improvement in the knowledge of  majority of the participants and certificates were awarded to each.